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Shri Madhavrao Sadashiv Golwalkar,  reverentially  and courteously  called as ‘Shri Guruji”  was  the second  Sarsanghchalak  of  Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh  (RSS)  who served  and  guided  the organization  for  33 years  (1940  to 1973).  Shri Guruji  was  a rare  blend  of  intellect, wisdom, humility,  dedication and spiritualism.  A scholar,  professor  and  person  imbued  with unflinching   patriotism,   he possessed  an amazing  foresight, sharpness  and  attributes  of a true leader.  Under his  astute direction,  the Sangh  rose  from strength to strength,  came on the  centrestage  and  played  a pivotal role in the  national  rejuvenation.  While  marching  ahead  with   its avowed  mission  of  Vyakti  Nirmaan (man-making)  and social  organization,  RSS  carved  out  a significant  place  in the  national arena  and  emerged  as  a  great force  of  social  cohesion and organization.  When the  country was  facing  tremendous  threats,  from within and outside,  to its unity and  integrity  at the time of  independence  RSS  and Shri Guruji  particularly showed  exemplary  spirit of  nationalism. 

This book  contains  series of Lectures  on Shri Guruji  delivered  by one of the   leading  and esteemed  Sangh  thinkers and  guides  Shri  M. G. Vaidya.    

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