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The compilation of this book ‘Drishti aur Darshan’ throws light on the thoughts and vision of Shri Guruji M.S. Golwalkar. Guruji’s endowments changed the world. His efforts were not nine day wonders. They are to be remembered for centuries. The most important task of any leadership of any newly independent nation is to bring about the necessary change in the mental make-up of the people. Shri Guruji was very well aware of the mentality of the newly independent Bharat. Shri Guruji undertook several steps to awaken the masses to these principles through the Sangh. His ideas about Swadeshi were all-embracing. His idea of Swadeshi was not confined to the use of indigenous things alone; they included all aspects of day-to-day life like-the invitation for marriage or programme greetings etc. in our own languages as also observing birthdays in the Hindu tradition etc. This elegant compilation will elate the readers and embrace them to adopt views and thoughts of Shri Guruji.

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