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Dr. Keshav Rao Baliram Hedgewar was the founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He was an eminent personality and a charmfull freedom fighter who cited an example of the true lover of Motherland. This book is repleted with the life history of Dr. Hedgewar. He founded the Sangh with the intention of uniting Indians and to awaken the spirit of patriotism, discipline and bravery.

Dr. Hedgewar was a good organizer and traveled extensively throughout the country, recruting and developing good swayamsevaks. He evolved a unique technique which was simple and inexpensive. He visualized  that participation in the Shakha would ultimately transform the youth to devote greater time and energy in the service of the nation. Dr. Hedgewar instilled a work culture in the RSS, like the devotion to the national flag, priority to ideologies over individuals, full-time dedicated volunteers, daily Shakha and doing away with the custom of personality following.

This book consists Dr. Hedgewar’s fore sightness capability, ideology, thinking, determination, philosophy, as well as spirit patriotism.   

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