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Whoever visits the places

Where Shri Ram has walked

Shri Ram is embodied in his heart

     Shri Ram's feet has made the earth holy, Goswami Tulsidas says that whoever visits their pilgrimages, Shri Ram is embodied in his heart. 

     But at present, where these pilgrimages are, it is still unknown to the world.  There are many tales about Shri Ram's holy incarnation but His Lila Bhoomi places of holy deeds were not known.  Dr.  Ram Autar dedicated 28 years of his life in researching, in collecting information about those places which has been very important work.  Only a saint can be thus dedicated to do this unparalleled work. 


When some saint finds the path

he finds that path to Shri Ram


     In the present volume address, location, descriptions and pictures are given according to Valmiki Ramayan and Shri Ram Charit Manas, proved the authenticity of the research work.

     I not only hope but am sure also that this volume will force Shri Ram's devotees and nationalists to take a firm resolve to visit these places.  By this, these invaluable heritage and relics of our Indian culture will get protection and improvement and future generations will be benefited by this.

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